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A record(s) for domain foxy1004.com
IP 1: (Hostname: ip-77-104-150-184.siteground.com located in Croatia)
Class: IN
TTL: 9035 seconds

TTL stands for Time To Live and a common value is 86400 which is 24 hours.
The lower the value the higher the load on the DNS server but the less disruptive when a service is moved to a new IP. More info here
Authoritative Name server(s) for domain foxy1004.com
DNS 1: ns1.sgp69.siteground.asia (IP: located in Croatia)
Class: IN
TTL: 86400 seconds
Status: DNS server is UP
Response time: 336.1 ms

DNS 2: ns2.sgp69.siteground.asia (IP: located in Croatia)
Class: IN
TTL: 86400 seconds
Status: DNS server is UP
Response time: 335.5 ms

This domain has 2 DNS servers which is very good.
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MX records for foxy1004.com
MX Server 1: foxy1004.com (IP located in Croatia)
Class: IN
TTL: 14400 seconds
Status: MX server is accesible

This domain has only one mail server (MX) and this can sometimes lead to mail delivery failures.
It is recommended to have 2 or more email servers located on different networks if possible.

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Start of Authority (SOA) record for foxy1004.com
Domain: foxy1004.com
Class: IN
MName: ns1.sgp69.siteground.asia
RName: dnsadmin.sgp69.siteground.asia
Serial: 2020020306
Refresh: 3600
Retry: 900
Expire: 1209600
Minimum TTL: 86400
TTL: 86400 seconds

Specifies authoritative information about a DNS zone, including the primary name server, the email of the domain administrator, the domain serial number, and several timers relating to refreshing the zone.
Check HTTP server for www.foxy1004.com
Status: Web server for www.foxy1004.com is available
HTTP Header details:
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Server: nginx
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 202 0 14:46:43 GMT
Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
Connect ion: close

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